Enhance your data skills and knowledge of Microsoft BI with this course bundle

You’ll get lifetime access to more than 64 hours of lessons.

With the new year rolling around, it’s time to chart a new business path for yourself. And one way to do that is with this Business Intelligence and  Data Science Super Bundle. This set of six separate courses will allow you to enhance your data skills and drive profitable business actions in the new year and beyond.

You’ll get more than  64  hours of content and 469 separate lessons to put you on the path to more profits. And by bundling all of these classes together, you’ll save a load of money and gain a ton of knowledge.

The first set of classes will prepare you to start your business analytics career and prepare you to use Microsoft Power BI in your company. Over the course of 31 hours and 247 lessons, you’ll learn how to create stunning reports and dashboards while developing your data modeling skills.

The second set of classes will teach you the basics of Power BI. This is for those people familiar with Microsoft’s program at a basic level, but ready to become an intermediate level user. You’ll gain a better grasp of relationships, measures and calculations in BI, and more importantly, learn how to publish and share your work. Another set of classes will then take you to an advanced level.

Other subjects include using Python for beginners, mastering code and a multitude of data structures, and how to prepare your job application as a data scientist.

Each of these classes alone would normally cost $199 each. But for a limited time, you can get lifetime access to the entire bundle for just $39.99, a savings of 96 percent. Now that’s data that anybody can understand.

Prices subject to change