Get an accurate reading on air quality with this easy-to-use monitor

Device works on its own without a phone, app or other necessities.

Air quality is a major issue for people with asthma or other respiratory issues, so knowing what the quality of the air you’re breathing in is crucial. That information is always at your fingertips with this BREATHE Smart 2 air quality monitor.

This monitor helps you make lifestyle choices based on the air around you. Should you stay in? Should you take a different route? Should you reduce your exposure to harmful particles around you? Those are the answers you’ll get with this monitor, which specifically measures particulate matter, identified by doctors as a major problem for those with breathing issues.

This device displays in real-time the pollution levels wherever you are so you can make informed decisions. The particulates are measured with an accurate laser sensor, meaning you can trust what it is telling you with complete confidence.

This monitor works directly out of the box, with no phone, app or subscription required. You’ll immediately know if there is dust, cigarette smoke or other issues that could impact your breathing and long-term health.

This device also comes with a warning alarm, allowing you to set it at any level to alert you when that number is reached.

Able to fit in the palm of your hand or a jacket pocket, the device also comes with a clip and mounting strap so you can attach it to a bike, stroller or carriage. It also has a history function that will store data for up to 30 days, so you can identify spots with a particularly difficult history.

The display can be set for any of five languages: English, Spanish, German, French or Italian. That same display comes with a night mode to allow the screen to dim when you’re trying to sleep.

Critics have found the BREATHESmart to be a valuable tool. Gadgets & Wearables called it an informative little device and noted it delivers what it promises.

Normally, this air quality monitor would run $180, but for a limited time it can be yours for just $119.99, a 33 percent savings. That’s a small amount to pay for something that could help you breathe a little better now and down the line.

Prices subject to change