This 3D liquid plastic welder is the ideal gift for DIY devotees

BONDIC can make long-lasting repairs when glue fails.

We all know that one person who insists on fixing everything themselves. If you want to treat the DIY devotee in your life this holiday season, consider getting them the BONDIC® Starter Kit. This 3D welder uses liquid plastic to create a rock-hard bond much stronger than glue. You can get it now for $14.99 at the PopSci Shop with an extra refill thrown in.

When wires fray and attachments come loose, the natural thing to do is to reach for some glue. The problem is, regular adhesive is meant for sticking things together, not filling gaps.

BONDIC is different. You can apply this liquid plastic to any surface and create a new join. The plastic remains soft for a while, meaning you can shape it exactly how you want.

Once you are satisfied, you can use the supplied UV LED light to cure the BONDIC. The plastic quickly hardens, and you can sand it down to get the perfect finish.

This kit includes a 3D liquid welder, a UV light and a tube of liquid adhesive, all packed in a metal case.

You can get it now for $14.99, saving 40 percent on the MSRP. You can also get the Pro kit featuring two tubes of BONDIC for $22.49.

Prices subject to change