Save more than $50 on this dash cam perfect for any driver

Protect yourself against false claims with powerful camera features, all at an affordable price.

Most car accidents occur within three seconds of a driver getting distracted, no matter if that’s from changing the radio dial, texting on their smartphone, or simply staring off into space after a long day’s work. In other words, you can’t guarantee that everyone else on the road is a responsible and safe driver.

Your best protection against false claims when an accident does happen, whether it’s a minor fender bender or something more serious, is with video evidence that captures the accident in real-time. The BlackBOX 1080p HD Dual Lens Dash Cam, on sale for $44.99, is just the camera for the job.

This dash cam provides you with an extra layer of protection whenever you hop in your car and hit the road. First off, it features a seamless loop recording design. It automatically deletes unwanted screens, such as an accident-free drive to work, to ensure the camera has enough storage for new videos just in case something happens. What’s more, the camera turns on with your car battery and uses motion detection to go into standby mode when static. Put all these features together, alongside a parking assist monitor, and you can rest easy knowing you will capture and store the video evidence you need to fight false claims effectively.

Equally important, it comes with impressive specs that allow you to capture crisp, clear footage every time. Its 170° wide-angle lens covers five lanes, securing your protection on both sides. Plus, it automatically locks onto and films crashed vehicles upon detection thanks to an emergency latching feature. Lastly, you get delicate and clear images through its wide dynamic range technology, while its night vision effects allow pristine visibility during nighttime, low-light conditions, or even rainy weather. So, no matter the size of the road, the time of day, or the weather conditions, this compact and powerful dash cam has your back.

Dash cams are great tools for providing you with an extra layer of protection when driving. The BlackBOX 1080p HD Dual Lens Dash Cam, typically $99, is 55 percent off for a sale price of $44.99. Be sure to use coupon code SAVE15NOV (expires 11/17) for an additional 15 percent off and an ultra-competitive final price of $38.24.

Prices subject to change.

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