Protect yourself from airborne hazards with this futuristic 360-degree shield

Get unmatched protection in the era of coronavirus with device available in three sizes.

Looking to take your PPE game to the next level? Look no further than the BioVYZR air-purifying shield.

With a space-age aesthetic and virtually impenetrable shield, this mask delivers unmatched protection against COVID-19 and other airborne hazards in the daily environment. Its construction allows for a 360-degree shield to your personal space on all sides. There are no gaps for pathogens, allergens or other pollutants to get into the air you breathe.

The shield features a built-in purifying system while creating a positive pressure environment that keeps external air from the wearer.

The shield features a practical design that is breathable and uses KN95 filters to remove up to 95 percent of pollutants. It has a battery life of eight hours, while the KN95 filters can work for up to 60 hours before needing replacement. The exterior features a soft, wipeable material to keep your vision clear, and the lightweight design makes it both easy to wear and transport.

This shield comes in three different sizes: small, medium and large. Each of them would normally be priced at $379, but for a limited time, any size can be purchased for just $329.99, a savings of 12 percent.

Prices subject to change