Improve your posture and relieve back pain with the BetterBack

This NASA-engineered memory foam provides supreme comfort for your back.

Being stuck in a bad office chair all day, or even sitting in a funky diner booth for an hour, can flare up lingering back pain and make things downright uncomfortable.

Sitting in unfavorable positions on a daily basis can really damage your posture, too.

When you have the BetterBack Luxe Posture Support on your side, you can turn any seating arrangement into an ergonomically sound setup. The BetterBack is currently on sale for 16 percent off at $49.99.

Improve your posture and ease that back pain with the help of NASA-engineered memory foam. This support provides extreme comfort, and wearing it for 15 minutes per day can help retrain your body to its correct posture. With custom webbing straps and slip-resistant knee pads, the BetterBack is built to last throughout the day, and in many different situations.

This is no fluke. BetterBack is a successfully crowd-funded project with more than 30,000 backers and $3 million in funding, and has been featured on the TV show, Shark Tank. Customers love it, too, with an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon’s reviews.

Don’t worry about that doctor, masseuse, or chiropractor bill again. Get the BetterBack, on sale for $49.99, and take it with you everywhere. Help soothe your pain once and for all, and fix your posture in the process.

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