This tweezer uses robotic arm technology to make ear cleaning easier and safer

Sayonara, Q-tips.

Since time immemorial, doctors have always advised against sticking things inside your ears. The American Academy of Otolaryngology says that the best way to clean your ears is to simply wipe off the outside after you get out of the shower when the hot water has loosed things up inside. 

Regular ear wax is different than dry ear wax. The latter is so much more difficult to remove—sometimes even requiring a doctor—but home remedies like ear washing kits and eardrops exist to help loosen impacted earwax. Or better yet, you can use the Bebird N3 Pro, on sale for nearly half-off its list price for a limited time.

This smart visual cleaner uses a high-tech robotic arm technology to provide the simplest and safest solution for ear cleaning.

Check out how it works:

Rated 4.2/5 stars on Amazon, this tweezer and rod combo makes the self-care you do most often easier than ever. You can adjust the degree of the tweezer depending on the size of your ear canal, and the 6-axis smart gyroscope will be able to detect its slightest movements. Meanwhile, the 360° angle detection ensures that you’re cleaning your ears precisely in all directions.

With the HD camera that features 10 million pixels, LED light, a 3.7mm lens, along with an accompanying app, you can view the smallest details in your ear canal while you clean, enhancing the process of eliminating every buildup. It also has intelligent temperature control to avoid damage and burn injuries, as well as an anti-slip design to prevent slippage.

Considering all of the potentially harmful ways people clean their ears, whether it be sticking a q-tip too far, or scratching their ear with a fingernail — it’s worth considering the simple, safe precision of this robotic-arm device when seeking out cleaning solutions. 

Upgrade the way you clean your ears with the Bebird N3 Pro. Usually retailing for $139, it’s on sale for only $76.95.

Prices subject to change.