Here’s how to stay cool wherever you go

Hey, it's a fashion statement.

The heat can feel inescapable sometimes. If you’re not inside surrounded by air conditioning, you have to rely on what’s around you to stay cool. This becomes especially annoying for the fitness buffs out there who don’t let up their good habits during the summer.

Well, turns out there’s a trick to staying cool no matter where you go. The Beat The Heat Double Cool Cordless Mini Collar Fan is a fan you can take with you everywhere. You don’t have to carry it around or hold it to your face, either. Nope, this is a collar fan, folks. In case you’ve never heard of this unique technology, but it sits around your neck to shoot cool air up to your face. It’s pretty damn awesome—and only $29.99.

While this fan may prove tricky if you’re doing too much bouncing on a run, it’s pretty perfect for those of you who prefer to do exercises outside that don’t require dramatic jumping or who stick to an elliptical or treadmill at home. It features three speeds—low, medium, and high—to suits your needs. The fan can also rotate 360 degrees to make sure it fits as comfortably as possible. Its charge should last 10 hours.

However, don’t assume this product isn’t for you if you’re not someone who frequents the heat outside or works out. You know where else gets warm? The kitchen. You can set up the fan so that it sits on a counter and shoots a nice breeze your way. Even if cooking isn’t your thing, you’re not immune to the heat. There will always be a moment when you wish you were just a little bit cooler. The fan even allows you to add scents onto its built-in sponge if you prefer to have a nice fragrance with your breeze.

The Beat The Heat Double Cool Cordless Mini Collar Fan is definitely bound to turn some heads no matter where you strut it. Some people will look in jealousy; others will look in confusion. Either way, you can rest easy knowing that while they’re sweating their butts off, you’re beating the heat. Sucks to be them.

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