These portable and adjustable kettlebells are perfect for beach workouts

Fill them up to your desired weight with sand for convenient full-body workouts.

For those with convenient access to sand, working out at a beach, a lake, or a local park can be a fantastic workout option. Exercising on the sand comes with unique benefits, from strengthening foot and ankle muscles to stabilizing joints and burning more calories than normal. So, finding a good sandy spot near where you live might just be the perfect way to break out of your fitness rut and up your exercise game. Today, we’ve got a great deal from the PopSci Shop that can help you make the most of your sandy workouts.

BEACHBELL: Multi-Weight Portable Kettlebell (Bundle of 2) empowers you to get a full-body workout with portable kettlebells that adjust to match your desired weight. You can pick up this deal on sale today for $99.99 and save 9% off its original price tag of $110.

These kettlebells are all you need for a great full-body workout in the sand. For starters, it’s an absolute breeze to exercise with these kettlebells. With weight guide markings built into their design, you easily fill each kettlebell with sand from 3lbs to 35lbs. That means it’s quick and easy to exercise with the exact weight you need to make incremental, measurable gains. Just as valuable, since you’ll load the kettlebells to your desired weight at the beach, lake, etc., you’ll also avoid the hassle of having to lug heavy weights to and from your car or home.

BEACHBELL, which has been featured in Men’s Health, Lifehacker, Daily Mail, and other publications, helps you get the most from any workout. These kettlebells are designed to ensure maximum performance and greater comfort while you exercise, all while you get to combine strength training and high-intensity cardio. In other words, you’ll find it easier to build strength, tone muscle, burn calories, and lose weight when you hit the sand with BEACHBELL. Lastly, thanks to its versatility and convenience, BEACHBELL is a great tool for personal trainers who want to help individual clients or entire teams make the most of their time on the sand.

BEACHBELL: Multi-Weight Portable Kettlebell (Bundle of 2) makes it easier than ever to get a great full-body workout anywhere there’s sand. You can pick this deal up on sale today for $99.99.

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