With discounted BarkingMat, your puppy tells you when it needs to go outside

Barking Mat makes an audible sound to alert you when your dog is at the door.

Help your dog to let you know when he or she needs to go outside to go to the bathroom with the Barking Mat, which is available for 16% off its list price. The product comes from a simple idea that works wonders for owners and their new furry friends.

Young dogs who haven’t been fully trained tend to sit by the door in silence when they need to go out until the inevitable occurs and they have an accident right there on the floor. The Barking Mat solves that issue by letting you know when it’s time for your dog to go, even if they don’t say anything.

Simply put the mat by the door, and when the dog stands on it or touches it with its paw, the mat lets out an audible sound. It can be a chime or a dog bark, adjustable by you. This noise tells you your dog is at the door, and you can avoid that accident. But even if you get to the door too late, the Barking Mat still helps. It doubles as a pee pad holder, allowing you to have less of a mess to clean up. The mat itself just wipes clean with a damp towel.

This mat is 22 inches by 15 inches and fits perfectly in front of any standard door. The black design is also made to look sleek and blend in with your decor. Although it’s made from plastic, it still looks good in any room.

This discounted piece of modern technology works off a long-lasting, lithium ion battery that recharges through any USB port. It does not include Wi-Fi, working strictly with the battery.

This Barking Mat is a great training tool for you and your dog, and a great help around one of the early issues for most puppies or young dogs who are not house trained. Normally priced at $59, it can be yours for a limited time for just $49.99, a savings of 16 percent.

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