Use this versatile barbell for a complete home workout

From traditional lifting to a core roller, you can do it all with this equipment.

Bring the gym to your home with a single, versatile item. The AXLE barbell is made to use in a variety of ways, each giving you a different workout to help build a better you.

The bar measures 55 inches long and weighs about 11 pounds, but this isn’t just for lifting weights. Sure, you can use it for straight bar lifting and bench press, but it also becomes a core roller and Crossfit bar. This barbell can do countless things to help your workout.

You’ll get the bar and two 19-inch wheels, giving it the look of a traditional barbell. But it’s so much more. It comes with soft padded, solid plastic straps to fit against the bar for comfortable rolling. It also features bands that attach to the ends of the barbell. You then step on them to add resistance as you attempt to lift the barbell.

Looking for a more traditional workout? You can buy any size Olympic plate to add to the barbell, turning it into a traditional weight.

And the entire unit is collapsible. Simply unlock the collars, slide off the wheels and tuck the bar and wheels away in a closet. When you’re ready for your workout, just pull them out, quickly assemble and get to work. And with the included tote bag, you can store the wheels and clamps together.

This purchase even comes with one year of unlimited access to live-streamed classes, allowing you to learn more ways the bar can be incorporated into your workout. It also comes with access to an app featuring a library of workouts and exercises.

The AXLE barbell normally runs $388, but it can be yours for a limited time for just $299.99, a 22 percent discount.