Get the most bang for your buck with these six Apple refurbs on sale now

Ditch the high price tag and grab these refurbs starting at $329.

Instead of waiting every year for Apple’s vaunted new releases, and the sizable price tags that come with them, get some bang and the same high-level technology today.

There are five refurbished Apple computers—four iMacs and a MacBook Air—currently on-sale anywhere from 40 percent to 66 percent off.

Enjoy all of the premier quality that Apple products provide and save yourself (quite) a few dollars in the process.

The iMac provides a sparkling, large screen, excellent storage space and can be the centerpiece of your home office setup. The MacBook Air is the sleek, lightweight laptop option, and with its superb processor, you can work on your tasks without worrying about lag.

Take a look at the five refurbs available:


Apple iMac 21.5″ Core i3, 2GB RAM 250GB HDD – Silver (Grade B Refurbished) 66 percent off for $329.99.

Apple iMac 27″ Core i5 2012, 8GB RAM 1TB HDD – Silver (Refurbished) 61 percent off for $759.99

Apple iMac 21.5″ Core i5, 8GB RAM 1TB HDD – Silver (Refurbished) 47 percent off for $679.99

Apple iMac 27″ Core i5 2013, 8GB RAM 1TB HDD – Silver (Refurbished) 53 percent off for $837.99

MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air 13.3″ Core i5, 128 GB SSD – Space Grey (Refurbished) 40 percent off for $589.99