Save 20 percent on this portable massager that has a 5-star Amazon rating

Give your muscles the therapy they need after working out.

Whether you love it or hate it, exercise is essential for a healthy, productive, and happy life. That’s as much of a fact as is the reality of fatigued and sore muscles. Just because you’re bound to experience discomfort after a workout, though, doesn’t mean you should go without help.

Massage guns or portable massagers are all the rage these days. They help alleviate discomfort in the muscles and make it easier to return to the weight room or the sidewalk for your next workout. If that all sounds good, you’ll want to check out this well-rated portable massager from the PopSci Shop.

The Alyne Therapy Massager gives your muscles the therapy they need after working out. Typically $299, it’s on sale for $239 (20 percent off).

It’s easier to treat your body right with the Alyne Therapy Massager. For starters, this patent-pending, professional-grade massager uses concentrated and rapid movements to treat muscle and deep tissue pain. These actions relax your muscle tissue, decreasing nerve compression, healing muscle tears plus scar tissue, and delivering other health benefits. In other words, you get an effective muscular therapy treatment that leads to reduced pain, improved function, and increased range of motion.

Alongside helping with recovery and performance, this massager also meets your exact needs. First off, you can take it with you anywhere thanks to its lightweight and portable design. So, whether you spend your days at home or on the road, it’s always possible to massage your muscles. What’s more, this massager comes with three impact modes, three tilt angles, and three quick-snap attachments. That level of personalization means you always get the right type of massage and can treat different muscle groups with precision.

Finally, the Alyne Therapy Massager has excellent reviews from customers. At the moment, it has a five-star rating on Amazon from 28 reviews. So, you can be confident that this portable massager will treat your body right, too.

Overall, The Alyne Therapy Massager gives your muscles the therapy they need, helping you with recovery and performance while empowering you to massage anywhere. Grab it on sale today for $239.

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