As computers and code become part of our everyday lives, the risk of bad actors striking rises with it. Everything from passports to social security numbers have leaked in recent years, and defending against fraud, impersonation, and worse has become a key security issue. The All-In-One 2021 Supersized Ethical Hacking Bundle, which is available for $40.68, 98 percent off the MSRP, lays out what you need to know as the next decade of the 21st century gets started.

The bundle includes eighteen courses, touching on almost every topic in mainstream cybersecurityHacking Wireless Networks: Theory & Practice explores why you should be careful before logging into that coffee shop’s free Wi-Fi. Wondering how people can be so easily fooled into revealing their passwords? Hack People, Systems & Mobile Devices: Advanced Social Engineering discusses how often the best hackers are less masters of code and more exploiters of social conventions. Completely new to cybersecurity? All-in-One Hacking Guide: From Zero to Hero lays the foundation for a new career or just a lively interest.

Also included are courses for the IT professional or white hat who wants to update their skills, including deep dives into using the latest tools, such as Burp Suite, NMAP, Metasploit, Kali Linux, and BitNinja. There are hours of content to learn from and keep at your fingertips as you build your career or explore the headlines.

To wrap it all up, there’s even a certification class where you can learn by doing, seeing how networks and devices are attacked and compromised, and then preventing it yourself. As chips get cheaper, things of all kinds get smarter, and apps are tied to everything we do; knowing how you’re protected offers both peace of mind and a new career. The All-In-One 2021 Supersized Ethical Hacking Bundle puts that at your fingertips for $40.68, 98 percent off.

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