Align your spine with this innovative posture corrector

Improve your core strength and overall health with this Kickstarter-funded item.

No matter your job, having an aching back due to poor posture is all too common.

Many of us are peering at computer screens and craning down to see our phones throughout the day, and our bodies are not built for that.

The Albaro Air Posture Corrector, currently 16 percent off for just $99.99, provides personalized spinal support with patented, ergonomically-designed air cell technology to fit your individual body. Air pressure is adjusted on the go and creates comfortable back support while naturally realigning your body’s balance.

More folks than ever are teleworking due to these uncertain times, and the Albaro Air Pressure Corrector is perfect to wear while working from home–no matter the style or quality of your home office setup. 

And this isn’t just another corporate product. This air posture corrector has a grassroots background and is Kickstarter funded (more than $120,000) and Indiegogo funded (more than $125,000).

While the system of posture correction seems complex, it’s incredibly simple for the user. Just twist the included pump to the air valve and begin pumping to fill it. To release the air, all you have to do is press the button. 

Not only will your posture improve, but your core strength will as well with your body aligned correctly. So your workday will be improved, and so will your morning workout routine.

The corrector has excellent durability and comfort due to a double-fabric sewn design, and the air mesh in the back prevents excess sweating and overheating. 

It just makes sense to take advantage of this deal now and save yourself years of discomfort and poor posture.

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