Learn web development and how to program with this bundle of eBooks

Dive deep into Python and AI with 15 books included with a lifetime subscription.

If understanding and mastering web development and programming is something you desire, then this bundle of 15 eBooks is the way to go.

You’ll learn about Python, TensorFlow, artificial intelligence and more with this series of eBooks. And with a lifetime subscription, you can take as much time and go in whatever order you desire. And if you need to go back to review, the books are always there for you.

You’ll get a number of books specific to Python, starting with an introduction to programming and a pocket primer. You’ll move on to Python 3 machine learning and game development, as well as a series of training videos.

You’ll also get a number of eBooks on artificial intelligence, starting with the basics and moving on to problem-solving, machine learning and deep learning. And another book covers TensorFlow basics.

All of these lessons are courtesy of Mercury Learning, a print and digital publisher that focuses on science, medicine, technology, computing, engineering and math. Each of the books in this bundle is between 200 and 850 pages, so the content is deep and complex. These are meant for people who really want to dive deep into the subject matter.

Each of the eBooks gives a strong overview of the subject, then dives into the processes and protocols by using specific examples to bring the subject matter to life.

If purchased separately, this bundle of eBooks would run $554, but you can have them all for a limited time for just $19.99, a savings of 96 percent.

Prices subject to change