Relieve your sore feet with this innovative massager for $29.99

It’s currently 40 percent off.

Whether you’re a parent on your feet all day, a competitive athlete, or an office worker, recovery is key.

Give yourself and your feet a break by taking advantage of today’s sale: the Acu-Ball Vibrating Portable Foot Massager is currently 40 percent off at just $29.99.

The massager uses acupuncture through pressure points and vibrations to relieve your sore feet. Soothe your muscles by simply gliding the spiky rollers back and forth over the soles of your feet. Similar balls with nodules are used by athletes to help plantar fasciitis, and it’s a proven formula.

The spiky parts of the ball stimulate pressure points on your feet, or if you so desire, your hands.

This massager adds vibration, too. Plus, it’s compact and portable so you can tend to your feet at home, at work or at the gym.

It comes in white and blue colors and includes a two-year warranty.

Take advantage of this 40 percent off sale and keep your feet in better shape for all your favorite activities.

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