Master archery with the help of modern technology with the Accubow 2.0.

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Archery requires physical strength, copious amounts of patience and hours of training in technique. You can still master that art with the AccuBow 2.0, but now, get the assistance of modern technology.

With the AccuBow 2.0 Carbon Fiber Original Archery Strength and Exercise Training System Bundle Package, available for $179.99 (and you can use STRENGTH15 at checkout for $15 off), you’ll get the world’s first-ever virtual archery practice system.

The system is adjustable for all ages, with between 10 and 70 pounds in pulling resistance, and comes with an improved phone mount that’s already installed.

Getting started is simple: purchase the AccuBow equipment, download the AccuBow app on your phone, attach your phone and start practicing.

This version of the AccuBow is 75 percent quieter than its predecessor, has less vibration and features dual resistance dials. It even has a real bowstring center and a real D-loop tied on.

One Amazon customer wrote: “..Love my new accu bow !! Why didn’t they create something like this sooner?? The app is genius !”

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