Project a big screen right from your phone with this 4K HD projector

Let’s take it to the big screen!

Some people enjoy giant flat-screen TVs. Others prefer a beautiful blank wall. That’s because they make for a perfect screen on which to project. For those of you with limited space, a projector may be the most practical way to watch your favorite show or even play Candy Crush on a big screen.

The 4K HD Pocket Projector for Android 9.0 allows you to cast from your phone straight to whatever surface you chose. Best of all, it’s only $299 for the moment, a major saving from its usual $500 price tag.

The projector works with both Apple and Android products so your iPhone, iPad, and Mac are all compatible. Plus, it will even charge up your phone while you’re using it. This mini projector can connect to your phone via Bluetooth, cable, or mirror display; the choice is yours. At 40 percent off, now’s the perfect time to take your phone to the big screen.

4K HD Pocket Projector for Android 9.0
4K HD Pocket Projector for Android 9.0 Stack Commerce

If you think you need a shiny television screen to get those crisp images, you should note that projectors are becoming more sophisticated. For example, this one offers a 4K HD experience and even supports 3D watching technology. Plus, it’s portable. You can pop it in your pocket and go. You can’t necessarily say the same for that 50-inch flat-screen screwed to your wall.

With a full charge, you can squeeze an hour and a half of viewing with this bad boy. It also includes its own audio system though you can certainly add a different speaker if you need a little more power with your sound. If that’s not enough to seal the deal, you should know that this gadget has a four-star review on Amazon where users have commended the device’s graphics. So don’t miss out on the 4K HD Pocket Projector for only $299 for a limited time. You’ll regret it come movie night.

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