Learn how to code in Python with this premium bootcamp bundle

Save 98 percent on a bootcamp that will get you coding in one of the foundational languages of a coding career.

Python, like its namesake, is powerful, flexible, and found almost everywhere. And yet, challenges remain for people trying to break into coding, including learning even common languages. Python is so broad, and so useful, it’s tough to know where to start, especially if you’re new to it. Fortunately, the 2021 Premium Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle is built to get newbies started quickly, and it’s down to $34.99, 98 percent off the MSRP.

The thirteen courses in this bundle are chosen to make it easy to grasp Python and some of its common applications. There’s a course of absolute beginners, ideal if you’re looking to pivot careers or pick up a language in addition to what you already know. From there, you’ll ease into the foundations of Python, learning the fundamentals of language using code-along projects, and build a game to apply those approaches.

When you’re comfortable with the basics, you’ll move into more advanced training and specific applications, including:

  • Image processing, such as Instagram filters
  • Automating Excel files with OpenPyXL, for tasks like data analysis
  • Building websites using Django
  • Web automation, using Selenium, an open-source tool
  • Ethical hacking, including building your own custom tools for cybersecurity
  • AI and machine learning, using the H20 platform

After you’ve gotten a sense of what Python can do, and what you want to use it to achieve, the boot camp wraps up with a full course on passing Microsoft’s Python MTA 98-381, a certification that shows you know the basics of Python and how to use it in a coding environment.

As coding becomes more commonplace, having a language or two on your resume is an ideal way to future-proof your career. The 2021 Premium Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle gives you everything you need to get started, and at $34.99, it’s a cost-effective way to build your skills.

Prices subject to change.