These 16 winter gear items are must-haves for the cold weather

Save big on everything from heated gloves to space heaters.

Even if you thrive in the chilly weather, you’ll still need items to keep yourself functional and prevent frostbite. Whether you need a new pair of heated gloves or a practical space heater to keep you cozy, the following winter gear items are crucial for anyone during the cold-weather season.

SOLUS Smart Infrared Heater
SOLUS Smart Infrared Heater Stack Commerce

When the weather outside is frightful, look toward this infrared heater that can heat up any space with up to 30% less energy than a standard space heater. You can control the SOLUS from the phone app and set a schedule on a room by room basis. Originally priced at $410, it’s on sale for $328.95.

NoBendz Snow Shovel
NoBendz Snow Shovel Stack Commerce

The next time it snows, you don’t have to worry about practically breaking your back when shoveling the driveway. The NoBendz is an ergonomic shovel that has an adjustable length shaft, patent-pending handle, and ergonomic D handle to prevent any back pain or possible injuries. Get it for $39.99.

Caldo Heated Jacket
Caldo Heated Jacket Stack Commerce

This heated jacket is an insulated puffer jacket with heated panels to keep you warm outside in the cold for up to 8 hours long. It has three heat settings, is made from water-resistant materials, and heats up to 130°F so you can stay cozy while it rains, sleets, or snows. Grab it on sale for $49.99.

iPM Q9 1,000W Space Heater
iPM Q9 1,000W Space Heater Stack Commerce

You don’t need a fireplace when you have this heater with a wood-burning flame effect. You can control it mechanically or with a remote and it’s free-standing so you can set it up anywhere in your house. Normally it’s priced at $99, but it’s on sale for $59.95.

Cool-to-Touch Digi Heater
Cool-to-Touch Digi Heater Stack Commerce

You can bring this heater into any room of your house to stay warm, even while it’s heating thanks to its cool-to-the-touch design. Just plug it into an outlet and adjust the temperature as needed. You can get it on sale for $34.99.

Voltheat Avalanche X Heated Gloves
Voltheat Avalanche X Heated Gloves Stack Commerce

Going outdoors to walk the dogs, shovel snow, or walk to your car in the midst of winter won’t seem so daunting when you’re wearing this pair of heated gloves. With high-retention insulation and three power settings, frozen fingers will be a thing of the past. Grab it on sale for $229.99.

Heated Glove Liners
Heated Glove Liners Stack Commerce

These glove liners will heat up your entire hand so you can stay warm and comfortable for the entirety of your time outdoors. They’re made with 4-way stretch fabric, an adjustable wrist strap, thumb and index finger touchscreen fabric, and a convenient power button. Originally $139, they’re now on sale for $119.99.

Sequoia Unisex Heated Socks
Sequoia Unisex Heated Socks Stack Commerce

Freezing toes can cut your time outside in half. Prevent your feet from the harsh temps with these battery-powered socks. They have three heat settings, coolmax fabric to draw away any moisture, and can be controlled with the push of a button. Get them for $69.99.

Sustain Heated Utility Jacket Pro
Sustain Heated Utility Jacket Pro Stack Commerce

Don’t let the cold stop you from fun outdoor activities. This heated utility jacket is constructed from 3M Thinsulate insulation with back and front adjustable heat cores. It was successfully funded on Indiegogo and KickstarterSnag it for $389.95.

Torch 2.0 Coat Heater
Torch 2.0 Coat Heater Stack Commerce

You love your current jacket because it’s so dang comfortable but the cold tends to get through and make for an unpleasant time outside. This coat heater attaches to the interior of your coat with a velcro band peel and stick adhesive pads and has three heat settings you can simply adjust with a button. Get it for $59.99.

Heated Ice Scraper with Flashlight
Heated Ice Scraper with Flashlight Stack Commerce

With this heated ice scraper, you’ll be able to remove all the snow and ice from your windows and windshield in a quick, efficient manner. It takes minutes to heat up and once it does, the ice will melt away like that! Works great especially if you’re in a time crunch and the flashlight helps when you’re scraping in the dark. Normally priced at $34, but it’s on sale for $17.99.

10-Pack: Instant Reusable Handwarmers
10-Pack: Instant Reusable Handwarmers Stack Commerce

Heat up your pockets or your gloves with these reusable handwarmers. Activate them by snapping the small disc and the pouch instantly warms up. To reactivate, place them in boiling water until the warming crystals return to a liquid state. Grab them for $17.99.

Deluxe Magnetic iceScreen™
Deluxe Magnetic iceScreen™ Stack Commerce

This windshield protector is made from military-grade double-waterproof reinforced oxford polyester to protect it from harsh elements like snow, ice, and frost. It also has gel-padded magnets and storm straps so it can stay on during any type of weather. It’s also good in the summer as the reverse side is sun reflective. Get it for $29.99.

Insta Heater 600W Plug-In Wall Heater
Insta Heater 600W Plug-In Wall Heater Stack Commerce

This handy little heater will keep you warm and toasty once plugged into any 3-prong outlet. It has powerful thermal flow technology, auto shut off and a stay-cool plastic casing for safety. Grab it on sale for $24.99.

2-Pack: Egloo All-in-1 Oil Diffuser, Humidifier & Space Heater
2-Pack: Egloo All-in-1 Oil Diffuser, Humidifier & Space Heater Stack Commerce

The Egloo is a terracotta based, candle-driven diffuser that fills your room with a calming scent while humidifying and warming the area. It’s a practical way to protect your home from excessively dry air, microorganisms, allergens, dust, and more. Originally priced at $180, it’s on sale for $159.95.

Cold-Weather Leather Gloves
Cold-Weather Leather Gloves Stack Commerce

These espresso-colored gloves are made from soft Nappa leather, faux fur lining, and rubber wrists to keep your hands warm. Their nonslip palms provide a secure fit so they will keep your hands warm the whole time you’re outside. Snag them for $34.99.

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