This maker bundle gives you the skills to fill your time at home with fun electronics projects

From RC cars to cryptocurrency mining machines.

Boredom is becoming a familiar figure in our lives right now. Although there are many ways to pass the day—gaming, reading, watching films, listening to music—most of these activities are pretty passive. For anyone with an active mind, it’s better to find something a little more engaging.

Taking on a DIY project is one way to keep boredom at bay. The 2020 Complete Raspberry Pi & Arduino A-Z Hero Maker Bundle helps you get started, with 96 hours of training on computing, programming, coding, and electronics. For a limited time, you can get the bundle for just $22.50 when you use code 70LEARN at the PopSci Shop.

The Raspberry Pi microcomputer and Arduino microcontroller have transformed the maker scene over the past few years. With nine video courses and two e-book guides, this bundle shows you how to harness the power of both platforms.

Through concise tutorials, you discover how to control components with code and start building your own devices. Your instructor is Peter Dalmaris, an IT lecturer with 13 years of experience in education. Here are some of the courses:

Arduino Step-by-Step: Getting Started
Arduino Step-by-Step: Getting Started Stack Commerce

Perfect for complete beginners, this 16.5-hour course helps you master the fundamentals of Arduino programming. You start with simple circuits, and end by building an advanced light detector.

ESP32 Unleashed
ESP32 Unleashed Stack Commerce

The ESP32 microcontroller isn’t quite as famous as the Arduino, but it’s every bit as powerful. This course shows you how to connect components and program your very own Internet of Things device.

Make an Arduino Remote-Controlled Car
Make an Arduino Remote-Controlled Car Stack Commerce

Once you have the fundamentals down pat, this course gets you working on something cool: a small RC car. Through 31 videos, you discover how to link two Arduinos together and add features like obstacle avoidance.

Arduino Robotics with the mBot
Arduino Robotics with the mBot Stack Commerce

Based on the mBot kit, this course helps you create a friendly, walking robot. You discover how to assemble your mBot and write the necessary code to keep your android walking on a set path.

Raspberry Pi: Learn to Mine Cryptocurrencies (eBook)
Raspberry Pi: Learn to Mine Cryptocurrencies (eBook) Stack Commerce

One of two e-books, this guide shows you how to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using a Raspberry Pi. It’s a great way to learn about crypto technology, and you discover how to install open-source software on your microcomputer.

The full bundle is worth $479.98—but for a limited time, you can grab it now for just $22.50 when you use the promo code 70LEARN.

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