The best stationary bikes to help you crush cardio training at home

You can enjoy on-demand classes without paying thousands for a bike.

At-home workout equipment that offers a fitness-studio-like experience is more appealing than ever. Peloton, which sells spin bikes along with subscription-based access to live workout classes, is the most hyped option by far. But while the company’s no-interest financing option is tempting, the reasonable monthly payments add up to one very expensive bike. If you’ve got a little more cash to pay up front, you can save heaps of money by trying out one of these other options—even if you still want to take classes via the Peloton app (or, even better, via live programming from a small gym like this one). Here, some bikes that are perfect for creating the at-home spin gym of your dreams.

Great reputation. Amazon

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You can get a great spin class at home without coming anywhere close to Peloton’s price point. All of Sunny Health’s spin bikes give you great bang for your buck, and the most basic models are much less than a Peloton. These affordable machines don’t come with tablet mounts included, so you may have to set up your live-streamed classes on a laptop perched on a nearby shelf. Or, you can buy your own tablet mount for and strap a device right onto the handlebars.

Basically the same as a Peloton. Amazon

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We’ve ridden both Peloton-branded bikes and the Schwinn IC4, and they feel pretty much indistinguishable. The Schwinn is a solid, sturdy bike that will remind you of the ones in your favorite boutique fitness club—for around a third the price of a Peloton. It’s pretty simple to assemble on your own, comes with a pair of small weights, and features a nifty tablet stand. With a phone, tablet, or flip-screen computer, you can easily log into your fitness app of choice and stream live classes.

For super-small spaces. Amazon

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Even if you’re willing to splurge on your new spin bike, you might have to make some tough decisions about where to keep it—especially if you live in a small apartment. But while studio-style bikes are pretty much designed to stay put, Exerpeutic offers shockingly sturdy devices that fold up for easy storage. The low-profile bike can support even big-and-tall riders. You’ll need to buy an attachable tablet stand if you want to tap into classes from Peloton or another fitness app, but your total cost will still be a solid two grand lower than if you bought their bike.

Even more like a Peloton. NordicTrack

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If you’re looking for a few more bells and whistles—a bike that can change its incline, allows you to adjust resistance easily via touchpad controls, and features a built-in screen for streaming live classes—the NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro could be the bike for you. It features dozens of pre-recorded workouts and is designed to pair with NordicTrack’s own live fitness app, which has a suite of offerings. The bike also has an attachable tablet mount, in case you want to stream classes through other apps. NordicTrack also sells a slightly cheaper model with a smaller touch screen.