Remote work is not just some experiment companies are trying; working from home is rapidly becoming the norm. For anyone who has only known office work, it may take some adjusting, but in the end you can work knowing that, without driving to and from work, you have more time for your family and less negative impact on the planet. Experts will tell you to do things like maintaining a set schedule, factoring in time for breaks and showering. But equally important is your work base, which must be functional and distraction-free.

Creating an efficient and comfortable home office is just about finding those things that will keep you focused and organized, even if your workday isn’t exactly 9-5.

The core of your new business. Amazon

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This 16-Inch flexible disc turns any office chair into a (very passive) core-strengthener. It helps you balance and maintain good posture, and can be shifted to other positions (like your lower back or the floor) for exercises like leg lifts and sit-ups. It’s available in all-business black and gray and a zestier “Wasabi.” Warning, it arrives half-inflated and with an inflation needle, but you will have to supply the pump.

It’s great for gaming when the work day ends, too. Amazon

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Although intended for a PC gamer, this lightweight desk has all the fixings suited for work, including a cord-organizer basket and speaker mounts for your favorite lo-fi beats. The headphone clips on the side are great for holding your headset between conference calls and there’s even a cup holder.

Your new creative outlet. Amazon

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Not everyone who works from home works solo. Maybe you have a creative partner or share your office with your spouse. Either way, you’re going to need extra outlets that won’t put your devices at risk. The Gosund power strip is smaller and prettier than the familiar home theater strips, but still offers three extra, surge-protected outlets and three USB ports. It pairs with an app that allows you to set on/off times for specific devices, so if you’re tempted to fire up that game console during work hours, this will help keep your urges in check.

Eyes in the sky (or on the shelf). Amazon

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Anyone who juggles working and parenting wishes for eyes in the back of their head. And now they have them. The Ring indoor cams are small, simple to install, and will help you monitor little ones from the comfort of your home office. The accompanying app displays crisp 1080p video and allows for two-way talk (or one-way warnings). Get real-time notifications and maintain a sense of peace and security even when no one is home.