Jewelry organizers that will completely transform your vanity

Time to get tidy.

colorful boxes
Everything in its place.Clem Onojeghuo via Unsplash

It’s easy for your necklaces, earrings, and rings to turn into a tangled, jumbled mess. That’s where jewelry organizers come in. Choose between compact cases, portable cabinets, and individual trays, all designed to keep your delicate pieces safe and separated. You’ll finally be able to find the bottom of your vanity and maybe even locate that one earring you lost two years ago.

Songmics 6 LEDs Mirror Jewelry Cabinet
Enjoy a decked-out design.Amazon

Do you have a ton of jewelry and nowhere to properly store it all? Go with this sleek, oversized cabinet. The mountable organizer comes with a full-length mirror and room for 48 stud earrings, 84 rings, 90 earrings, and 32 necklaces. There’s also six automatic LED lights so you can easily locate your accessory of choice.

Umbra Hanging Organizer, 3 Tier Table Top Necklace Holder
Padded base protects from furniture scratches.Amazon

Say goodbye to tangles—this 19-inch, three-tier design allows you to easily store necklaces of a variety of shapes and sizes. The padded base makes it safe to place on delicate surfaces and doubles as a dish for smaller accessories like rings and bracelets.

Magic Stackable Jewelry Trays Closet Dresser Drawer Organizer for Accessories, Gadgets & Cosmetics
Separate your pieces by size.Amazon

If you want to get super organized, separate your accessories accordingly with the Magic Stackable Jewelry Trays. They come in a set of five, so you can divide up your jewelry by type and then neatly stack each of the trays for a more compact fit. The flocked interior helps prevent tarnishing and a cushioned base won’t scratch furniture surfaces.

BB Brotrade HJO80 Hanging Jewelry Organizer
Accessory hoarders, rejoice.Amazon

If your accessories collection is getting out of control, this 80-pocket organizer is here to help. The large design allows you to neatly store all your jewelry in individual pockets and the transparent material makes it super easy to locate what you’re looking for. Built with a removable hanger, it can be hung from your closet door or wall.