How are you supposed to go on vacation when you have a garden or houseplants to support? Watering stakes are your solution. Made from terracotta, plastic, or glass, these devices will slowly water plants over time. They’re also great for forgetful gardeners who are afraid of under-watering plants, and for thirstier plants that can be inconvenient to constantly tend to.

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These plant spikes screw directly onto the top of water bottles, making them an extremely convenient choice for plants that get very thirsty. Terracotta is solid yet porous, which means water will release slowly throughout the spike, for a more even application, rather than delivering watering to one single location.

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These glass-blown orbs add a pop of color to any home garden or houseplant collection. Flip them upside-down and fill with your desired amount of water, before sticking directly into the soil. Made from high-density, durable glass, these work with both indoor and outdoor plants.

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For a garden spike that you can fill from the top—great for people who want to be able to fill it with a watering can, rather than at a sink—this adorable Froggy Water Supplier is an excellent choice. Just stick it into the soil and fill up the frog. Water is slowly, evenly released through the clay end.