It’s easy to forget to put on a scarf before you go outside, but then you walk into the cold and the regret hits you like an avalanche. The right neck blanket will help keep you warm, whether you’re opting for a down jacket or a light bomber. Of course, you’ll want to consider material, style, and length based on the conditions and event you’re donning it for. Here are a few options we recommend.

Made from merino wool. Amazon

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This Smartwool scarf is exceptionally soft and comfortable on your skin. It’s made from merino wool, which is thin and delicate, so it won’t feel itchy. You’ll also find that it’s a lot more lightweight and compact than expected, making it great for stowing in a bag as an extra layer. The scarf is available in a unique zigzag pattern with different color schemes.

Multi-color stitching. Amazon

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This infinity scarf by trusted brand the North Face is simple, comfortable, and easy to take on and off without mussing up your makeup or ‘do.

The best alternative to traditional scarves. Amazon

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If you find scarves cumbersome or they just aren’t for you, consider a neck gaiter instead. This piece by Carhartt is made from 92 percent polyester and 8 percent spandex fleece. It’s ideal for exercising or exploring outdoors, so you can stay warm with minimal layers and less baggage on your soul.