One of the best ways to help reduce clutter is to give everything a place to call home. Wall hooks provide an inexpensive way to lift household items off the floor and off piled-up tables, and help get your rooms in order. Whether you use them to organize your entryway, your closets, your bathroom or bedroom—the wall hook is an organizing champ.

The variety of style options for wall hooks is actually pretty impressive. We’ve selected options based on style and function. Whether you want to create a chic hotel vibe in your bathroom, or a beach house decor look—or even simple classic style—we’ve found some of the best options for your consideration.

Luxe modern. Amazon

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These wall hooks have the upscale look of a trendy hotel, or modern jewelry. The hooks are solid and sturdy, made of electroplated stainless steel, so the finish will not chip off like a paint. These are sold in packs of two and include all mounting hardware. They can be installed individually, and we love that there are three metal finishes and can be ordered round or square. We love the minimal style and the hidden screws. While marketed for bathrooms, there are many uses we can see for these hooks.

Marine-inspired. Amazon

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If you are looking for a unique, conversation starter—this cast iron octopus hook will be sure to get attention from your guests, or even just make you smile. While it certainly could be used for decoration, this 11 by 1 by 7-inch hook is fully functioning and provides 6 hooks for smaller items, such as car keys. The hook is available in eight different finishes, too. One thing to note however is it does not come with mounting hardware.

Scandanavian design. Amazon

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This wall hook comes in a set of 3 or 4 hooks mounted to a solid wood board, which is finished in a distressed light wood finish. Each hook is actually two hooks: smaller option on the bottom (perfect for a small bag or umbrella) and a larger top hook which will handle larger/bulkier items like a coat. When installed into solid wood, each hook can hold up to 20 pounds. All the mounting hardware is included with hooks and there are pre-drilled mounting holes on the wood board. The look is a transitional and could work with both traditional and modern homes or offices. We wish the mounting screws matched the finish of the hooks, but these can be switched out if this is an issue for you.

Mid-Century Boho. Amazon

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Made of sturdy rubber wood, this modern wall hook comes in sets of four individual hooks—along with all the necessary wall mounting hardware. The v-shape hook design is unique, simple, and practical for avoiding slipping. The hooks are available in two different wood finishes and can be used in a variety of locations around the house or office. The hooks are stylish and would blend well with Scandanavian, mid-century modern design and bohemian decor.

Grab these for a traditional look. Amazon

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These hooks are traditional, classic and sturdy. They are available in packs of four, which are to be installed individually. Heavy duty cast iron with a vintage antique brass finish, they can handle various items from bags, to winter coats when drilled into solid wood. We appreciate that mounting hardware to match hooks are included.