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Social media has provided us with endless ways to get our messages to the masses. At the same time, the cost of video equipment continues to drop even as the number of camera features and level of quality rises. It’s no wonder that video blogging—or vlogging—has become so popular over the last few years. But navigating the world of cameras can be daunting. Can you get away with just using your phone? What about the camera on your computer? Do you need a fancy DSLR or professional video camera? The right tool depends on your personal needs and the style of your show, but there are certain features to look for that makes a camera good for vlogging.

  • LCD Screen: First, you’ll want a sharp LCD screen that rotates—giving you easy access to take self video when necessary. A bright LCD screen will also help you ensure you’re capturing video correctly before uploading onto a larger desktop.
  • 1080p: The camera should shoot at least 1080p—which is full HD. This quality can easily convert across various social media platforms, but is especially useful if you want to create high quality YouTube videos.
  • Audio: Most cameras have lack-luster built-in microphones, so an 1/8-inch audio input is a great feature. This lets you take advantage of the many external microphones available. You can easily record yourself speaking to input without buying a microphone or additional equipment.
  • Auto-focus: High-quality auto-focus is important so you don’t worry about drifting out of focus while taping. Video cameras come with different types of focus—some auto-select eyes, while others have smart-detect for figures. Consider what kind of content you want to create and choose a camera that has an auto-focus feature suited to your needs.

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