We all know that blunt knives can be more dangerous than sharp knives, but what about vegetable peelers? Before you let your frustration with dull peelers push you to pull the slicer towards you or drag it over a fingernail, consider your options beyond what you inherited from your family 10 years ago. With the right peeler you can waste less produce and prep meals like a sous chef. Here are our favorites.

Dependable excellence: OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler

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If you want a simple workhorse of a peeler for everything from zucchini to apples, this twin-blade swiveler is sturdy and reliable. The ergonomic rubber handle is wide and grippy enough to send peels flying—but not your carrots and yams. A built-in blemish remover easily digs out potato eyes or that weird spot in your turnip much more efficiently than trying to cut around it with a knife. Wash and peel your veggies ahead of time, toss the peeler in your dishwasher with the rest of your silverware, and enjoy fresh salads and bowls all week long.

Most stylish: KitchenAid Gourmet Euro Peeler

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If you have a KitchenAid electric mixer, you’ll know that a spiralizer attachment can be used to peel potatoes. But the popular appliance also offers an affordable analog alternative for when you feel like rolling up your sleeves and doing things manually. This elegant peeler has a double-edge stainless steel serrated blade to help you prepare fruit and veggie dishes with aplomb, or a plum, as the case may be. Fans of the brand will appreciate the commemorative 1919 medallion end cap and the ability to match the aqua sky, pistachio, and classic red colors to their other appliances.

Unique design: Chef’n PalmPeeler Vegetable Peeler

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Some of us just aren’t the most dextrous with our hands, and vegetable peelers can feel awkward and dangerous to maneuver. This lemon-yellow peeler effectively has a seatbelt to protect you from your worst instincts. It straps onto your finger and under the palm of your hand to keep you safer unless you decide to scratch your palm with your thumb while you’re using it (and if you can do that, you probably are good with peelers to begin with). It features a stainless steel swivel blade, a potato-eye remover, and a blade protector for easy storage.

Most versatile: Mueller 4 in 1 Swift Julienne Vegetable Peeler

Take Care Of More Foods With One Device

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If you love to cook and entertain, this peeler is tough enough for the notorious butternut squash and focused enough to strip corn from the cob. The slicer can be turned to give you access to three different blades (flat, serrated, and the corn stripper). Deft chefs who want one device that does multiple things can develop a knack for manipulating the peeler for the task at hand, but others may find the multiple blades a little awkward. A potato-eye remover and neat little orange peeler that nicks citrus skin so you don’t get pith under your fingernails are a nice touch.