Time-saving vegetable chopping devices

Eat more plants with these kitchen chopping tools.

Home chefs know that complicated recipes that involve chopping and dicing can take a great deal of time. Large and expensive food processors can be cumbersome and sometimes too powerful to handle delicate jobs.

Luckily we found some gadgets designed to assist your chopping needs. With devices designed to handle a few key tasks, or devices that can offer a variety of chopping jobs—we’ve got options for you to consider. Now there truly is no excuse not to eat more greens.

Careful cutting. Amazon


This mandoline is designed with a spring loaded handle that allows you to push items down to be sliced, therefore keeping fingers away from the chopping blade. Options are available as it allows for 30 different vegetable cuts, including julienne, matchstick, dice and slicing. Please note, that this item is designed to be a compact tool so the capacity of slicing isn’t large. For larger jobs, you may need to load multiple times. A cleaning brush is included.

Speedy dicer. Amazon


This is a small scale, non electric, dishwasher safe chopping tool. While it is limited to chopping and dicing—it is small and very easy to clean. The benefit of this device is to speed up everyday vegetable chopping needs. A good option for an inexpensive dicing tool, but as with all smaller tools the output size is limited.

Custom chop. Amazon


We like this option for its 5 super sharp interchangeable blades that allow for customized thickness settings with a thumb dial control. It allows for slicing, julienne, and grating not just for vegetables, but can also be used with cheeses. Be aware that this machine must always be used with the safety guard on to protect fingers from the blade.

Push, cut, gather. Amazon


This option comes with 3 blades for dicing and slicing vegetables and fruits. We especially like the convenient 3-cup storage base that attaches below the blade for collecting and saving fruits and veggies. This is powered only by your hand pressing the blade down, so it’s really best on soft to medium soft foods. Despite the power limitations, it is affordable, small, and easy to wash in the dishwasher.