It’s easy to accumulate a bunch of products—from nail polish to fragrances—and even easier for them to turn into a messy jumble. Vanity organizers are the ultimate declutter tool, creating a tidy system for all your personal items. They’re lightweight so you can transport them from room to room, and are built with helpful dividers for organization. We found four options that will turn your bathroom cabinet into a minimalist oasis.

Best overall: Miserwe Makeup Organizer

Room For Everything

Store lipstick in smaller, upper-level compartments. Amazon

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Enjoy seven layers of storage with the Miserwe Makeup Organizer, each of which can be adjusted to fit all your different-sized products. The base rotates 360 degrees and the top compartment offers smaller, divided grids, perfect for storing lipsticks and makeup brushes.

Most versatile: HBlife Makeup Organizer

More Precise Placement

Separate compartments for your earrings and necklaces. Amazon

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Do your necklaces always end up in a scattered, tangled mess? Neatly store them in this organizer, which comes with mesh-lined drawers for safely holding your jewelry. There’s also a ton of space for products that vary in shapes and sizes, with six drawers that range from small, medium, and large and 16 additional compartments for even more storage.

Great value: STORi Clear Plastic Organizer | 5-Compartments

Basic Sections

Store your products in a compact box. Amazon

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If you don’t have a lot of products but want to organize your small batch of favorites, go with the STORI organizer. It comes with five compartments, perfect for items like perfume, makeup sponges or eyeshadow palettes. The compact 10-by-7-inch design makes it super easy to tuck away anywhere in your home, including inside your dresser drawer.

Straight-forward design: sanipoe 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer

Multiple Color Choices

Fits 30 brushes. Amazon

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This compact organizer revolves 360 degrees and holds up to 30 makeup brushes, 20 skincare bottles, plus any additional makeup products. There are four trays for dividing up your products and an easily washable plastic surface for any spills.