We all rely heavily on our devices, so when you get a low battery alert it can be somewhat panic-inducing. When you’re in the middle of an important phone call, having your phone die with no charger in sight is a nightmare. Even if you have a charger, it’s a pain to wait for it to slowly bring your phone back to life. Here are some of the fastest, smartest chargers for all your devices, no matter where you are.

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If you’re looking for something to replace your Apple charger cube, this Anker product is a great upgrade. No need to bulk up for a superior charge—this cube is the same 1-inch size, but it has 18W of power. In one hour, this cube will charge your device 48 percent faster than the Apple charger. It’s hard to argue with the price tag or the power. Throw it in your bag and you’ll be ready to charge quickly anywhere you go.

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This Aukey charger is an excellent option for those who want to charge a laptop and a phone at the same time. Unlike other chargers, Aukey uses Dynamic Detect technology to identify when one or two devices are being charged. If one device is plugged in, this cube delivers an impressive 30W of power, and it distributes 18W when two devices are in use. It’s light and compact, weighing only 3.68 ounces. It’s no surprise this is a crowd favorite.

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Sometimes—in fact, most of the time—we want to charge more than one device at once. The PowerPort 4 provides high-speed charging for four devices concurrently. The LED charge light glows brightly to let you know that your device is getting maximum charge, and it switches to a dim glow when the device is fully charged. Better yet, the dim glow indicates that the charger has stopped supercharging your device, so you don’t run the risk of overcharging. It’s compact and great for travel, too.

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The last thing anyone needs when trying to follow GPS directions is to worry about their phone running out of battery. This car phone charger by Nekteck is leagues beyond anything you’ll find in a gas station. It works well with a variety of Android and Apple devices (it has a USB-C and USB-A port), so you can keep everyone’s devices happy. No need to worry about this charger getting bounced out of place while driving either—the aluminum design and shape keep it firmly in place. Even with 45W charging capacity, this device runs cool and even stops automatically to avoid overcharging your devices. Nekteck has also ensured that your tunes won’t get interrupted thanks to the anti-oxidation aluminum pull tab, which means there will be no effect on your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.