UPS battery backups to make sure your power levels never drop

Blackouts and surges are for the weak and unprepared.

If there is one thing the average homeowner has in common with an intergalactic warlord, it’s the endless quest for unlimited power. Our homes have gotten 21st-century smart, but the number of viable outlets in the average home has remained stubbornly 20th century. A power outage is more than an inconvenience these days—it’s absolutely crippling.

To that end, a solid, stable, reliable UPS battery backup isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Here are some options that will keep you up and running.

Best for the average home: AmazonBasics Standby UPS 800VA

Not Pretty, But A Hard Worker

You won’t mind its lack of grace when your WiFi stays on. Amazon


Bringing you a total of 12 outlets (all surge-protected, with 6 offering additional battery backup options), the AmazonBasics Standby is designed to protect the usual array of home electronics—from computers to home networks to entertainment systems and IoT devices. It comes with a 5ft cord and is as minimal as it can possibly be while still being a fairly typical “black brick.”

Best for the wire gatherer: CyberPower AVRG750U

Load It Up, It Can Take It

Pretty enough you won’t mind having it in plain view. Amazon


While “wirecutting” may be the trend, there are still those among us with desks and workspaces that resemble the intestinal tract of a massive cyborg monster. You can’t completely escape the endless tangle of wires and cables, but you can help organize them and keep them running with the CyberPower. Designed to protect against blackouts, energy spikes, and even power sags, it features easy to see (and interpret) LED indicator lights and a somewhat sleeker and more attractive silhouette compared to some other surge protectors, so you might not even mind keeping this one on the desk in full view.

Best for the power user: APC UPS 1500VA Battery Backup

Your Best Bet

It has your back (door). Amazon


A slightly smaller offering (it provides only 10 outlets – 5 with battery backup – compared to the more common 12), the APC does make up for it with some serious attention to detail. Its 6ft power cord gives you some ever-so-slight placement flexibility, and provides 1 GB of network dataline protection, which is important to those working with a lot of sensitive data. Dataline surges can enter networks through a “backdoor,” including unprotected modem lines, printers, or other networked peripherals, even if you have power-line suppressors. It’s a smart and secure option, for sure.