There are dozens of reasons to invest in a good set of food storage containers. Saving your leftovers is cost effective, good for the environment, and saves you the time it would take to cook something fresh (or order takeout). A complete set also makes meal prep a snap, with standardized sizes, or compartments, for main and side dishes.

We’ve chosen some of our favorites.

For all of your leftovers. Amazon

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These containers are our favorite, thanks to their durability and versatility. This glass set is not only safe for dishwashers but also microwaves and freezers. Three shapes—each in four pieces of increasing size—ensure the perfect fit for any kind of food. We’ve chosen a cheerful blue, but this set also comes in purple, lime green, and white. Buying two sets is a great way to make sure you never mistake your leftovers from your housemate’s.

For bringing lunch on-the-go. Amazon

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This food grade, BPA-free plastic snap lid set is the perfect choice for anyone taking food on-the-go. Snap lids are leak-proof and able to withstand drops and shakes, making them great for a kid’s school lunch, or for stuffing into your backpack for the subway ride to your office.

A literal snap to use. Amazon

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For a standard, large pack of BPA-free plastic tupperware with a lid that pushes in place, Rubbermaid’s set is a delight. The lid not only seals well to the top of a container, it also snaps onto the bottom of a smaller container in the set—a joy for any organizational obsessive. When not in use, the containers nest perfectly into one another, helping you avoid clutter (we’ve all dealt with the drawer of mismatched containers and lids that take up so much space).

Picky eaters rejoice. Amazon

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Bento lunch boxes are having a moment, and with good reason. They’re stylish, space efficient, and great for portioning out mains, sides, and snacks. This set merges the convenience and portability of a snap lid with the functionality of a bento, thanks to a set of inserts. It’s great for keeping food separate—especially for picky eaters who hate certain foods touching—and even has a special lid space for cutlery.