Taking a bath is a wonderful way to destress after a long day. Whether you just need a quick soak or a luxuriously long float in your tub, you know it’s important to surround yourself with things that make you feel calm and comfortable. A bathtub tray is the perfect way to store your favorite bombs and bubbles or prop up a book and perch your favorite bath time beverage. These trays will really elevate your bathing experience, keeping you carefree and calm in your personal, at-home spa.

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This tray has everything, literally. It comes with a candle/cup slot, book/tablet holder with a waterproof cover, phone slot, wineglass holder, and two detachable trays. It’s made of high-quality bamboo which is covered in a thin layer of lacquer to keep it water-resistant. This tray was made to fit tubs of any size; it has extendable sides that when pushed all the way in measure 29.5 inches long but can reach up to 43 inches. These sides are lined with non-slip silicone strips to protect it from sliding so you don’t need to worry about your glass or electronics falling into the warm water. This tray can hold anything and everything you might need for a relaxing soak.

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Get ready to unwind with your favorite bath accouterments at your fingertips. This tray has a slot for your phone, a reinforced book prop that folds down when not in use, wine glass holder, and double hooks to hang a washcloth, loofah, or razor. It has slip-resistant arms that extend up to 39.5 inches, and it’s 8.5 inches wide. Choose your favorite finish, grab your favorite candles, and get ready to unwind. If you are looking for something simple and sleek, this tray is a great option.

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This bathtub caddy doubles as a portable desk and breakfast tray, making it great for almost all of your lounging needs around the house. Like many of the trays listed here, this model comes with a wine glass holder, smartphone slot, candle/cup holder, book/tablet rest, and anti-slip arms. It also features two extendable/removable trays for accessories, bath products, and more. The tray can reach up to 42.9 inches with sturdy, foldable legs that can extend up to 10. 4 inches, perfect for balancing on the bed or other flat surface. This is a tray that everyone, even the bath naysayers, can enjoy.

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If you don’t necessarily need all the bells and whistles for a great bathing experience, then this simple, crisp tray might be the one for you. This acrylic caddy has two sturdy handles and a non-slip bottom. It is a great way to bring your favorite beverage into the bath, rest a candle, or hold some of your best bath products. This tray measures 33 inches wide and 9 inches deep, which will be suitable for most tubs. It’s a stylish way to store your most used salves, salts, and scrubs.