When tires are used below their recommended air pressures, all sorts of problems can crop up: resistance against the road increases, fuel economy goes down, and uneven heating and flexing can occur, all of which can contribute to increased chances of having a dangerous blowout. This can all be easily prevented by having a dedicated air pressure monitor for your tires—whether you opt for a small, portable device that you can stow in your glove compartment or bag, or an installable aftermarket pressure monitoring system. Driving with tires at the proper pressure ensures optimal traction against the road and peak performance that’ll ultimately keep you safe, and monitoring them is so affordable that grabbing one of these devices is a no-brainer.

Here’s a list of reliable tire pressure checkers on the market today.

View the readings in four different units of measurement. Amazon

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For an all-in-one solution that will check your pressure as well as deflate or inflate your tires as needed, this unit from Azuno has you covered. It’s rated for pressures up to 200 PSI and features a backlit digital display that will accurately show your tire’s air pressure down to 0.5 PSI resolution. The inline trigger and bladder allow for single-handed operation and inflation and deflation on the same exact unit as the display itself, making it an efficient and compact reader that can correct your tire’s pressure instead of just telling you.

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This pressure reader from Accutire is perfectly sized for throwing in a travel bag or glove compartment. Its rugged, durable angled body and rubber-coated handle fit easily in one hand and are complimented by a red-on-black digital LED readout that’s even visible in darkness and inclement weather thanks to its backlight. It measures accurate tire pressure within 0.05 PSI and has a reading range of 5-150 PSI, making it effective for virtually all common tire applications, and it even shuts off automatically after reading to prevent accidental deflation—an essential feature for when you’re juggling other tools.

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If you’re a frequent driver, skip the basic tools and spring for this dedicated pressure monitor system. It requires virtually no installation or maintenance, and offers you real-time monitoring of all four of your tires’ pressures while you’re on the go. The hub features an LCD readout and is fully chargeable by either cigarette lighter or via the included solar panel installation on top, making it perfect for seating on your dashboard. Four included sensors screw onto your tires’ pressure valves and transmit data to the main unit, granting you peace of mind and making sure you’re always in the know about where your tires stand.

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This pressure gauge from AstroAI can fit in a shirt pocket when not in use and is perfect for getting quick, no-fuss readouts on the fly. Ideal for most situations where you’re dealing with multiple vehicles or just need a spare reader for safety, this unit comes in a pack of two and is constructed from durable, rust-proof stainless steel to ensure long life. The measurement bar pops out from the bottom of the unit upon reading and offers pressure readings in three units of measurement at once. Since it’s battery-free, fully analog, and super affordable, this is an ideal backup for any car or bike that you shouldn’t go without.