Camping doesn’t have to mean roughing it—at least, not where your tent’s concerned. Today’s tents are spacious enough to sleep multiple people, and they offer a host of features that maximize comfort, like advanced venting, room dividers, and black-out covers. Set up is usually quick and simple thanks to innovative design, and the resulting structures are lightweight and durable enough to stand up to wind and rain. All this leaves you free to enjoy the great outdoors.

Designed to sleep four. Amazon

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This roomy, bright tent comfortably sleeps four thanks to an 8-by-7-foot floor size and near-vertical walls that maximize space. Both high and low air vents maximize circulation to keep the tent comfortable, and two doors help prevent you and your tentmates from stepping on each other when you’re coming and going. The Space Camp features a strong and rugged aluminum frame, and 68D polyester taffeta fly and floor with a 1,500- and 1,800-millimeter coating to keep the moisture out. The tent breaks down and packs into a dual-sided storage duffel, and weighs just under 13 pounds.

A removable rainfly keeps out the elements. Amazon

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This massive tent is perfect for families or groups of friends, and it makes a great hang-out spot for meals, card games, or just shooting the breeze. The 14-by-9-foot floor sleeps nine adults in sleeping bags, though that number is going to be lower with extra luggage, or raised camping beds. Ample vents draw cool air in from adjustable air intake vents on the ground and allow hot air to escape through a large, mesh ceiling. A rainfly keeps out the elements, and is removable for star-gazing. A large T-door makes for easy entrances and exits, while a detachable room separator provides privacy when needed. Telescoping poles come pre-attached to speed setup, and the whole 30.5-pound tent breaks down to 48 by 11 inches.

Heavy black-out fly. Amazon

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This inexpensive tent sleeps four people in sleeping bags or fits a queen-sized air mattress on its 9-by-7-foot floor, making it excellent for casual campers or festival goers. The center height is just shy of five feet, but what the tent lacks in spaciousness it more than makes up for in cozy comfort. A heavy black-out fly keeps out light so late-sleepers can get their shut-eye; remove it and you can fall asleep under the stars. The Sundome is rated to withstand 35-mph winds, and two interior pockets help keep you organized.

Rear vestibule to hold gear. Amazon

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The Limestone features 59.7 square feet of space to accommodate up to four sleepers in sleeping bags. It features a weatherproof, seam-taped rain fly that, when closed, creates a rear vestibule to store gear. A large, D-shaped door makes the tent easy to enter, and color-coded poles and clips keep setup simple.