Every kitchen needs a stock pot, no matter your cooking skills. The best pots help you avoid burning your ingredients, and they can be versatile enough to work on your stovetop, in your oven, and under your broiler. With optimal heat distribution and a quick boil-ready time, these handy kitchen tools are useful for plenty of tasks, ranging from canning to boiling pasta. Here are some of the best stock pots, depending on what you’re looking for.

The piece’s smart anatomy signals that you take your cooking seriously. Amazon

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If you’re looking for a pot that will ensure its contents don’t stick to the edges or boil over the sides, this design has got you covered. It’s made of high-quality aluminum, guaranteeing optimal heat distribution, plus it’s also freezer-safe. Its glass lid looks sharp paired with the black exterior, and it’s fantastically easy to clean. With an above-average size, this pan can hold hearty amounts of soup, sauces, or side dishes.

This sturdy, efficient container is basically impossible to scorch. Amazon

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This sleek pot comes in two popular sizes—eight or 12 quart—and is easy to clean, thanks to being dishwasher-safe. The flat, aluminum bottom supports even cooking and heating, and it’s beloved by sous-vide enthusiasts. Its metal lid and body are professional-looking yet still come at an affordable, mid-range value. Plus, this pot is surprisingly lightweight enough for you to gently carry from the stove to the sink while, even while it’s filled with piping hot water.

Beginners can snag this reasonably priced workhorse. Amazon

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This pot comes in a few different sizes and includes easy-to-grip, safe handles to prevent any accidents or messes. At a low cost, this item is compatible with induction stoves and other conventional ranges including gas and electric. The glass lid makes for a seamless, transparent cooking experience, and it can handle simple canning tasks or heftier, all-day stew projects.

This choice can tackle canning, stewing, boiling, baking, and so much more. Amazon

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While it’s certainly an investment, this kitchen addition is in it for the long-haul—and you’ll be wondering how you survived whipping up pasta sauce without it. The wide-bottomed pot can withstand temperatures up to 600°F from your oven or broiler, and it blends stainless steel with an aluminum core for truly even cooking free of hot spots. The lid is designed to securely fit the pot, plus the whole tool is phenomenally easy to clean and resistant to corrosion, meaning it will last you for ages.