Stainless steel appliances are the white sneakers of your kitchen. For a brief moment in time, they look amazing, but the wear and tear of daily use leaves its mark all over them way too quickly and easily. Fortunately, there exists a broad range of products focused exclusively on restoring your metallic workhorses to their original smooth, shiny finish.

Here are some of the most effective cleaners for stoves, refrigerators, and other stainless steel appliances and devices.

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As the name indicates, the Cerama Bryte polish not only cleans aways smudges and dirt, it also polishes and protects the surfaces from long-term damage. It’s long been considered a “hack” to use white vinegar and mineral oil to clean stainless steel, but using the wrong one (like olive oil) can turn rancid, especially in warmer temperatures. The Cerama Bryte does contain mineral oil for effectiveness, but won’t risk leaving behind potentially rotten residue.

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While it’s true that nothing beats a bucket of solution and a microfiber cloth, it’s not always practical to bust out an array of cleaning products for every smudge or streak. For a quick surface clean, the Weiman wipes are a great handy option. They are good for use on any stainless steel product, from sinks and refrigerators to dishwashers and even grills. They promise to clean without streaks, and even brighten the finish to bring back some of that original shine. Great to have on hand for quick fixes.

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Free of petroleum solvents, aerosols, dyes, and other potentially harmful ingredients, the Better Life cleaners are a less toxic option for those concerned about leaving behind a chemical residue. Their products are not tested on animals, and the lavender and chamomile scent is comprised of natural ingredients (it’s also a nice selling point for this particular product—it doesn’t have the heavy cleaning product smell that others have). A solid cleaner that also brings some peace of mind.