Limited kitchen counter space next to the sink is a common problem, but if you wash at least some of your dishes by hand, drying them thoroughly with a towel and putting them away each time you have a meal isn’t always possible. A dish rack that maximizes the space you have will give you an incentive to keep your home neat and tidy, and could even provide room for that espresso maker you’ve been coveting. These four excellent choices are a big improvement over the average dish rack, and make the aftermath of home-cooked meals less of a chore.

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If you’re sick of ugly metal or wood folding racks, this combination mat and rack is available in a cheerful bright red. It’s modest footprint is 2 feet by 1.5 feet, and the microfiber mat absorbs moisture to keep water from dripping all over the place. The slatted rack takes up about a third of the mat and slides over it to stay in position. If you have a dishwasher but like to wash a few things by hand every now and then, roll out the mat when needed and store it when dry to save space. You can wash the BPA-free plastic rack in your dishwasher and the mat in your washing machine. If you are using the mat to dry glasses upside down, you’ll want to tilt them strategically on silverware or other dishes so they don’t trap moisture inside.

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If you have a double-basin sink, this stainless steel drying rack requires zero counter-space. The dish-drainer itself is 14.75 inches long, 11.5 inches wide, and 3.75 inches high, but has adjustable arms with non-slip rubber feet, which expand to fit sinks from 16-22 inches wide. If you keep your kitchen extra neat, you can use the empty rack to help wash and drain veggies while you cook, then wipe it down and reuse it for drying dishes after you devour your meal. A cutlery basket makes it easy to separate out fork, knives, spoons, and other utensils. If you have some counter space and an average sized sink, simply place the rack over your sink after doing dishes to keep a puddle of water from forming on your counter.

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A double-decker dish rack is a great way for people without a dishwasher to maximize their capacity for drying. This stainless steel model sits on a drainboard with a footprint of about 17.5 inches long and 12.5 inches wide, so you don’t need to purchase a separate mat to go underneath. The total height of the rack is 13 inches, and you’ll want to factor in the height of dishes, platters, or pot lids you intend to place on top if you’ll be storing the rack under your kitchen cabinets. A cutlery bucket with a hole for drainage attaches to the side of the rack, and mug holders on the edges of the top rack offer even more space.

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This unique design is an elegant solution for people whose granite and tile countertops are covered with the latest appliances. It doesn’t fit every kitchen, so be sure to measure your sink and ensure that it is no more than 32.5 inches long, check that your faucet is no more than 17 inches higher than your countertop, and that you have a clearance of more than 33 inches plus the height of your plates from the countertop to your ceiling or cabinets. The tiered design has both a basket for your dish soap and sponges and one for cutlery. It also shows off colorful ceramic bowls and stylish plates as they await their next use.