Smartwatch owners are often trying to figure out the best accessories for their new tech toys. Whether they need a case, a new band, charging docks, or screen protectors, get ahead of their search with a gift. We’ve perused the depths of smartwatch accouterments to get you started with the best of the best.

Do you know their favorite color? Amazon

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These silicone watch bands make great gifts for any of your loved ones. They come in virtually every color and color combination you can think of so you can grab a couple to match with various outfits or focus in on a favorite. The bands are water/sweatproof and compatible with any traditional or smart watch that uses between 18 and 24-millimeter spring bars (you can easily find these measurements by searching their watch online). They are easy to swap out in seconds with a quick-release knob. Each band comes with two different lengths for the longer side to fit wrists between 5 and 8 inches in circumference. Barton also makes bands in leather and canvas so you can mix up band material if you like.

Gift the gift of a full battery. Amazon

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A two-in-one charging stand can keep your loved one’s smartwatch powered all day long. It is a stylish way to get both of your devices plugged while they work; made of top-grade aluminum with a rubber holder to grip onto the watch and a silicone gel pad that prevents the stands from sliding or tipping. It measures 5.12 by 5.12 by 3.35 inches, which will fit larger phone models. While this one is specifically equipped to charge Apple watches, there are a bunch of stands like this out there for various makes and models.

Protect your accident-prone friend. Amazon

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This Spigen Rugged Armor band and case is going to protect a smartwatch from any scrapes, scratches, bruises, or bumps that might occur. Grab one in black, military green, or charcoal gray to go with your personality. It’s super durable with raised sides protect the screen and an aluminum button. This model fits the 44mm series 6, SE, 5, and 4.

A gift with some fun, femme flair. Amazon

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Yes, yes, it’s another watch band but we call this list complete without including these super cutes scrunchie bands. They come in over 20 patterns including sunflowers, polka dots, leopard print, roses, and more. Choose between two band sizes that can fit a wrist between 4.7-6.3 inches and 6.3-7.9 inches respectively. They are really lightweight and easy to slip on so no more fumbling with a tricky watch clasp. These stylish bands give a softer edge to the tech gear that is a smartwatch.