The evolution of the mythical one-pot dish is as old as cooking itself, beginning way back when our ancestors first threw some ingredients into a pot and lit a fire underneath it. This time-saving, convenient, and downright delicious style of cooking is the backbone of every stew and roast from here to eternity, and thanks to smart-home technology and the Internet of Things, one-pot cooking just got a whole lot easier, and more inspired. If you’re intimidated by cooking, or just have a million things to do, these cookers will do all the heavy lifting for you, and maybe even teach you something new.

Here are some of our favorite high-tech multi-cookers currently on the market.

It learns your preferences and keeps itself updated. Amazon

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Sauté, steam, ferment, or pressure cook your meals with this feature-packed, Wi-Fi enabled smart pressure cooker from CHEF iQ. Its unique blend of quick-cooking technology and constantly-updating firmware and recipe companion app make this cooker a great option for adventurous home cooks with limited free time on their hands. You can even start the cooking process remotely using the app, or let the cooker measure out exactly what you need thanks to its built-in onboard scale. Both app and product design are sleek, seamless, and intuitive. Some favorite recipes include cacio e pepe, apple sauce, and the garlic mashed potatoes. The app lets you follow the recipes using step-by-step instructions or watching the accompanying videos within the app.

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For crispy dishes like wings and fries, you can’t go wrong with this one touch multi-cooker from Instant Pot. Its 1500-watt heating element drastically reduces cooking times, and the 8-quart stainless steel interior pot holds enough grub to feed a group or get you easy, tasty leftovers. Beyond the crisper lid for air frying, there are eleven one-touch cook modes like sear, sous vide, or dehydrate for something totally different. We made a whole chicken in this bad boy and it came out tender and juicy. With the crisper lid, we were able to add some crunch that other multi-cookers simply can’t do. If you’ve got leftover fries, it will reheat them without causing the potatoes to get soggy.

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This smart Crock Pot is an ultimate slow cooker, allowing you to warm, prepare, adjust ,and reheat your meals using nothing more than your Alexa-enabled device or app. Ask Alexa when your roast will be done or ask her to extend your cooking time: either way, this cooker takes the time-tested convenience of slow cooking and makes it even better. Despite all its new advanced features, cleanup is still super easy thanks to the dishwasher-safe stoneware and glass cooking lid.

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This seven-quart Wolf Gourmet multi-cooker is a champion of flexibility, offering users a fully programmable cooking mode in addition to its six preset modes via the LCD display. It’s the most iconic machine on the list. Go manual and cook your meal at the exact settings and time you prefer, or use the included temperature probe to ensure your dinner is cooked to precise perfection. It also excels at sous vide, sauté, rice cooking and more, plus it comes with a five-year warranty.