Smart meat thermometers for a perfect protein

I’d like it medium rare, hold the stress.

Everybody’s done it: undercooked some chicken, overcooked a steak, dried out a turkey, and so on. These are severely disappointing experiences. Checking for doneness can ruin a presentation when you’re entertaining guests, but wasting good meat is an even greater tragedy. So why rely on guesswork? Get yourself a smart meat thermometer that connects to an app and can alert you when your meat is ready. Just set the target temp and chill ‘til your roast is cooked but juicy. Some smart thermometers can even predict how long it will take for your meat to reach optimal temp. If you want to be a consistently competent grill-master, a smart thermometer will help you on your journey. Here are some of our favorites available now.

Best app: Original MEATER

Understand Your Cook

No cords means no worries. Amazon

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This smart meat thermometer has two sensors in its single wireless probe—one for internal temperature up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and another for ambient temperature up to 527 degrees. Both temperatures will be reflected in the free app, which tracks temperature and tells you when your meat is perfect. The app also shows how long it will take for your meat to reach temp and lets you know if you need to adjust the heat at which you’re cooking.

Great value: Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer

Expand Your Control

Track two things at once. Amazon

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This thermometer comes with two probes, so you can monitor two pieces of meat at once. You can leave these probes in the meat as they cook since they can withstand internal temperatures up to 482 degrees. Each probe connects to the remote monitor via 32-inch teflon cables that plug into the remote monitor. These cables can withstand temperatures of 716 degrees. Once you set up a Bluetooth beacon a safe distance from the grill or stove, the app will alert you if you leave the Bluetooth range or if your meat is finished cooking. Select what type of meat you’re preparing and the app will give you suggested temperatures for everything from lamb to fish.

Monitor more: HAUEA Meat Thermometer

Keep Track Of All Your Dishes

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This temperature monitor comes with six probes and connects via Bluetooth to an app that suggests cooking temps and alerts you when your meat reaches its target heat. Each probe is attached to a heat resistant wire that plugs into the temperature monitor. The Bluetooth tracker has a 196-foot outdoor range and 100-foot indoor range. This is a great buy for households that like to entertain, as it allows you to socialize without worrying about the meats on the grill.

Greatest range: The MeatStick Set

How Hot Is Your Grill?

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This true wireless meat thermometer can withstand up to 212 degrees internal and 572 degrees ambient temperature. It comes with a Bluetooth range extender that increases the signal range from 100 feet to 300 feet, and this extender works for up to eight MeatSticks at once. The MeatStick also connects to an app via Bluetooth, and this app can tell you the ideal temperature for the meat you’re cooking and track the entire cooking process. The app will also tell you if your ambient temperature gets too hot or too cold, which is especially helpful for charcoal grills.