Whether you’re a seasoned skier or experiencing powder for the first time this winter, you’ll need a reliable pair of ski goggles to help you navigate down the slopes with ease.

There are several important factors to consider before you scoop up a pair of goggles, though: lens shape (cylindrical or spherical), ventilation, anti-fog capabilities, and the tint, which is catered to varying light spectrums and weather conditions. Some options feature interchangeable lenses, while others use special technology that allows the color to change depending on bright sun, grey skies, and more. In general, you’ll want to opt for spherical lenses, which allow for more peripheral visibility and less optical distortion.

Below, we’ve selected three goggles from reliable snow-gear brands that produce some of the very best eyewear on the market. You’ll find an option for skiers with smaller-sized heads, a streamlined set, and a pair that have all the bells and whistles you could ever want.

Designed with a tinier face frame in mind. Amazon

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Julbo, a family-run French company founded in 1888, makes some of the most technically advanced goggles available. The Starwind features an XXL field of vision, a SuperFlow ventilation system, spherical double lenses, and anti-fog coating. The lenses also gets darker or lighter regardless of temperature drop.

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Built for the pros, these goggles from Smith feature a maximized field of vision thanks to the brand’s jumbo-sized spherical lenses. They’re fog-free, have two locking systems, and feature a contoured face fit.

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The PVX’s biggest draw is the LUMALENS® color-optimized lenses, which allow optimal visibility across light spectrums, environments, and weather conditions and use a wrapped design to expand sightlines. In addition to the optics, these goggles feature 100-percent UV protection, anti-fog coating, and armored venting.