The best flatware sets have a variety of options from cake forks to serving spoons to ensure you have the best tool for every dish on your table. Add to that specialty utensils like potato mashers, garlic presses, and sea salt graters and you’ve got a whole lot of oddly-shaped objects that can easily pile up in your kitchen drawer. Separate the pieces you use the most from obscure gadgets, stack your forks and spoons in neat piles, and keep serrated bread knives from lurking menacingly underneath your measuring cups. These four organizers allow you to spend more time in the kitchen eating, and less hunting around for the right implement.

Easy to clean: Cutlery Tray by Mindspace

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Sometimes fork tines can get stuck in a wire mesh organizer, but if you want an alternative to plastic that you can immerse in water, this affordable tray is a good choice. The six-compartment model is 16 inches long, 11 inches wide, and about 2 inches high, though you’ll want to account for the dimensions of large utensils like ladles when determining if it’s a good fit for your drawer. Rust-resistant steel mesh is a forgiving material for people who don’t always dry their silverware as thoroughly as they should before stowing them away, and foam feet help keep the tray from sliding around. If you prefer fewer dividers within the same total amount of space, select the four- or five-compartment model instead.

Attractive and adaptive: Pipishell Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer

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The visible grain and vibrant color of bamboo organizers give a unique warmth to your kitchen drawers. This well-priced solid bamboo option also expands from five to seven compartments. Just slide out the sides to maximize the space in a wider drawer, and slide them back in if you’re rearranging your kitchen and need to fit it into a narrower spot. The length of the organizer will always be 17 inches, but the width can vary from 12.4 to 18.9 inches.

Most portable: Chapman & Grand Flatware Storage Chest

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If you have occasional visits from six-legged creatures to your kitchen and your drawers offer ample cracks for uninvited guests to sneak in, the lid of this fabric-covered box provides an added layer of protection for a set of special flatware. Nylon handles also make taking your heavy heirloom silver out of storage easier as you prepare for dinner guests. It was built for up to 80 standard size pieces and is 15.75 inches long, 10.24 inches wide, and just under 3 inches deep. The lid has a clear plastic piece so you can see inside (and be reminded it’s time to get out your polishing cloth).

Great for chefs: KitchenEdge Premium Silverware, Flatware and Utensil Organizer

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If you’ve acquired utensils ranging from whisks to melon ballers and actually use them every now and then, this 100 percent bamboo organizer has a total of eleven compartments you can arrange to your heart’s content. To take full advantage of this expansive piece, you’ll need a kitchen drawer that’s 33 inches wide, though at the smallest workable dimensions you’ll still have nine compartments. The organizer is 17.25 inches long and is 2.5 inches tall, though it requires at least 18 inches of space from front to back inside your drawer for a good fit.