Starting a garden from seeds can make you feel proud of your cultivation skills, and it can also be more economical than purchasing young plants from a greenhouse. You’ll want to read up on how to nurture the seeds you choose based on your local climate and condition, but it’s worth it for the thrill of an abundant harvest. These seed packs are a great beginning, and include a wide selection of flowers and vegetables perfect for people who know what they like, but may not know their names or how to grow them.

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A vegetable garden full of tomatoes, carrots, kale, radish, cucumber, and more is a dream for anyone who loves tailoring their recipes to fresh seasonal produce. Heirloom seeds have been open-pollinated to keep the same characteristics as the generation before, much like a tried-and-true recipe that graces family dinners across centuries. Each of these varieties is packaged separately so you know what you’ve planted, and can be used in container gardens, with hydroponic systems, or sowed directly in your yard (just watch out for hungry rabbits).

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Get to know every kind of leafy green from romaine to collards in this 15-variety heirloom seed pack, and you’ll never have another plain spinach salad again. There are over 4,000 seeds in all, which gives you a little room to experiment with making your own delicious microgreens or sprouts to add to sandwiches or bowls. The package comes with planting markers to identify each species, and a cultivation guide to help you raise healthy and abundant specimens.

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Herbs are essential to every cuisine, but are often costly to buy fresh and don’t keep very long. Grow your own supply with this comprehensive seed pack containing a dozen varieties including sweet basil, dill, thyme, anise, cilantro, and chamomile. The non-GMO heirloom seeds are labeled according to type, include a large quantity of each variety (be sure to check details if you want a specific amount as the amounts are not uniform), and come with instructions. Grab your mortar and pestle, treat yourself to a delicious homemade pesto, and end your evening with a relaxing brew of chamomile tea.

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A wildflower garden can provide you with plenty of cut flowers for centerpieces and vases, but it also creates an environment that welcomes bees, butterflies, and birds. This package contains 21 different wildflower varieties that can reach two to three feet in height when fully grown for a stunning outdoor flower bed. All of the included plant species like evening primrose, larkspur, and sweet alyssum are annuals, not perennials, so you’ll have to plant a new garden in a year. Consider window boxes and outdoor planters for accented bursts of color across your home and yard.