Pantry turntables for storing and spinning your favorite ingredients

Lazy Susans work hard.

Who wouldn’t want to pass the butter, bread, or peas without getting up, and avoid spilling the gravy? Your fridge may be smart now, but it can’t compete with the analog simplicity of spin-and-snack meals, or access to the spices in your kitchen cabinet with a single turn of the wheel. Here are our favorite turntables for entertaining and organizing.

The best: OXO Good Grips Lazy Susan Turntable

Works In Every Room

While the plastic material may be lacking in style, the surface is easy to clean—so go ahead, spin with wild abandon. Amazon


This affordable plastic turntable with steel ball bearings is 16 inches in diameter and stands 1.5 inches tall, with a usable diameter of 14.25 inches when you take the rim into account. While it isn’t the most fashionable centerpiece for a dining room table, it can be used in a variety of settings, and the rim helps to keep items from falling off so you can organize everything from beauty products to vitamins. As part of a cute breakfast bar on your sideboard, fill the turntable with teas and jam for guests.

Double-decker: Lipper International Bamboo Wood 2-Tier 10″ Kitchen Turntable

Keep Everything In Sight

Reclaim your cabinet and counter space. Amazon


This attractive bamboo turntable is an excellent solution for organizing smaller items effectively in a larger space. Fill this two-tier device with condiments or herbs and spices, and make tall pantry shelves or the corner next to your toaster work harder for you. The two circular trays are 10 inches in diameter (your usable space will be slightly less because of the rim) and there is just over 5 inches of distance between the top and bottom trays. Be sure to account for the height of the items you want to put on top before assessing if it will fit in your kitchen.

Best for guests: Lipper International Acacia Wood 18″ Lazy Susan Kitchen Turntable

Almost Too Nice To Use

Bring a touch of elegance to every meal. Amazon


When you place this gorgeous acacia hardwood turntable on your kitchen or dining room table, you’ll be inspired to plan meals that necessitate its use. It’s got an 18-inch surface. There’s no lip or rim, so the whole surface is available to display an array of flavorful sauces, fine cheeses, hors d’oeuvres, or a bottle of grappa and delicate stemware. This time, you can spin the bottle without fear of embarrassment.

For DIY fans: Knape & Vogt Full-Round Polymer Lazy Susan Cabinet Organizer

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Each tier or shelf rotates independently a full 360 degrees for extra convenience. Amazon


When you add a turntable organizer to a corner kitchen cabinet, your storage capacity may be vastly improved. With this plastic and metal two-tiered set, you can grab the specialty cookware or pantry items you need easily without having to take everything else out. You’ll need a little DIY savvy to install the hardware, but the turntables come in five different diameters to accommodate a wide range of cabinets.