Who wouldn’t want to pass the butter, bread, or peas without getting up, and avoid spilling the gravy? Your fridge may be smart now, but it By using a simple structure, the base of the turntable fixes to the counter using a slip-resistant surface like rubber. It connects to a spinning plate on top that you rotate to reach the contents above. You’ve seen them on cooking shows, perfecting buttercream frosting. They’re everywhere from pantries to art studios to bakeries. It’s just about finding the best pantry turntable for your counter, and that means cutting through the noise to ID the top picks.

  • How much weight can it support? You won’t be able to stand on it one way or another, but some pantry turntables are far stronger than others. Imagine making a multi-tiered cake only to have it collapse under the weight. Avoid this by considering how much weight it can hold and how that relates to your storage and cooking needs.
  • Will it stay balanced? Don’t be fooled by a weight threshold in the product specs. The weight has to be reasonably balanced for it to reach that metric. A quality pantry turntable will remain balanced and keep a proper spin for a long time. It’s the part most likely to break, but a good model will last for quite some time.
  • Does it have a good grip? You don’t want your supplies to go slipping and sliding around. Expect your pantry turntable to hold tightly to the surface of the counter. Unless you throw down a layer of cooking oil, it should not slip or skid in the kitchen.
  • Is it a nightmare to clean? Finally, think about the realities of cleaning it. Sure, some look great with all those compartments. But what about the day you have to clean them all out? It’s a pantry. Spills are inevitable. Look for something that wipes down quickly and is, ideally, dishwasher friendly.

Our Picks for the Best Pantry Turntables on Amazon

Best Overall: YouCopia Crazy Susan Kitchen Turntable

Optimize Your Pantry Storage

Enhance your pantry storage and retain accessibility with this well-crafted pantry turntable.


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Equipped with a large wall and several partitions, the YouCopia Crazy Susan Kitchen Turntable is a solid pick overall. Meant to enhance your pantry storage, it spins smoothly to enable better access to all your pantry supplies. At 11-inches in diameter, it fits into most kitchen cabinets. Each of the bins is removable, letting you use it as a bakery tool and a storage device. The clear container makes it easy to spot all the contents. Using quality stainless steel ball bearings, the table turns smoothly without spinning out of control. Coming pre-installed, there is no setup needed. Simply place it on the shelf, fill the bin and spin. The inert color scheme works in any kitchen, lending to a clean look. Great for organizing spices or other smaller pantry supplies, this turntable is a great way to go.


  • Turns smoothly without going too quickly
  • Slip-resistant base for added stability
  • See-through design optimizes storage utility


  • Relatively small compartments limit storage
  • Compartments can snap when removed or replac


Most Budget-Friendly:  Copco Pantry Cabinet Turntable

Affordable way to Enhance Storage Space

Improve your pantry storage with this compact, easy-to-maintain Lazy Susan. Copco

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Getting a good bang for your buck is about more than price, it’s utility. The Copco Pantry Cabinet Turntable has both. Though it is made with a simple design, the polypropylene material is easy to clean and long-lasting. At a foot wide, it fits most standard cakes. Alternatively, you can place everything from key bowls to spice racks. With a skid-resistant base, the smooth rotation of the turntable balances its contents well. You can use it for baking or storage with equal ease; and, because of the compact design, it’s easy to tuck away when you aren’t using it. Revolving efficiently, this pantry cabinet turntable makes it easy to manage kitchen supplies on a budget. Versatile and affordable, it’s a handy tool to keep around.


  • Comes at a friendly price point
  • Plastic construction resists damage
  • Offers open space storage


  • Rimmed edge is fairly short
  • Textured surface wears down with time

Premium Pick:  YBM Home Bamboo Lazy Susan

Bamboo Design Ideal for Panties or Countertops

Improve your kitchen’s aesthetic with the help of this stylish and functional pantry turntable. YBM HOME

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The YBM Home Bamboo Lazy Susan touts a sleek design and efficient performance, working for storage and baking alike. Bamboo is a popular material, not only for its structural integrity and appealing look, but for its sustainability. A rapidly growing grass, when ethically sourced, it is a preferred material amongst environmentalists. The turntable itself features a strong base, compact enough to spin the 14-inch circle smoothly. You can use it for baking purposes, to store a spice rack, or keep your everyday supplies close. Enhancing the storage and appearance of your pantry, this is a premium choice that upgrades your kitchen in one simple step. 


  • Made out of high-quality bamboo
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Classy appearance adds to decor


  • Base doesn’t offer great traction
  • Can tip off-balance if items are uneven

Best Easy-Maintenance: Mokaro Plastic Lazy Susan Turntable

Dishwasher-Friendly Plastic Turntable

Keep your kitchen tidy with the help of this polymer-based pantry turntable that’s built to last over the long-term. MOKARO

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Adding storage room to any pantry, the Mokaro Plastic Lazy Susan Turntable stands out for its dishwasher-friendly design. Made out of polymer, it is tough against spills and wipes clean quickly. Built to fit in any standard cabinet, it sits stably on a counter or in the fridge. Rotating over the full 360-degrees, the handles at the side make it easy to move around. Since the sides are tall, you can hold any type of item in the center. Ideal for storing bottles, spices, and other pantry essentials, this two-pack of kitchen turntables is made to last. Though it won’t work for icing cakes, it can drastically improve kitchen organization, stop spills, and make your pantry supplies more accessible. Easy to clean and store, this pantry turntable is a handy way to enhance your kitchen.


  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Dishwasher-friendly design
  • Includes a high ledge to prevent spills


  • Relatively weak polymer
  • Fairly basic design won’t work for baking

Best Heavy-Duty: Cellay Two-Tiered Turntable

Metal Construction for Lasting Function

Featuring an innovative design, the two layers of this Lazy Susan’s storage lets you maximize vertical pantry space while remaining organized. Cellay

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The Cellay Two-Tiered Turntable features ample storage that can drastically enhance any pantry setup. It rings in at over ten inches across with almost six inches between layers. Made out of stainless steel, it rotates efficiently for smooth access to your pantry items. This also helps prevent vibrations from causing items to fall. While you do need to balance the items, so long as the base has sufficient weight on it, the turntable remains stable. Easy to assemble, it takes only a few minutes to get it set up in your kitchen. All the parts are easy to hand wash, and won’t result in rust thanks to the brushed top layer. A sleek way to store everything from coffee and tea to baking supplies, this heavy-duty turntable adds a modern touch to any kitchen. 


  • Two tiers of storage
  • Made out of durable metal
  • Spacious and accessible design


  • Easily tipped off balance
  • Lacks ridges (items can fall over)

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