Reusable tote bags have become a grocery store essential in recent years, as cities have banned plastic bags. But what about those thin produce bags, those ones that we tear off from rolls? Luckily, there are tons of reusable produce bag options for environmentally conscious people looking to cut down on waste.

We’ve picked some of our favorites in a range of sizes and materials.

Color coded for telling fruits and veggies apart. Amazon

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Made of ultra-fine and ultra-strong BPA-free fibers, these mesh bags are a safe and long-lasting alternative to disposable plastic bags. They’re transparent enough to see what produce is inside—great for cashiers ringing things up at the grocery store. With five bags in each of the three sizes, there’s enough space for any quantity of peaches, bell peppers, or fresh kale.

A biodegradable choice. Amazon

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Made from machine washable, organic cotton, this fabric set comes with six bags (three sizes, with two each). The bags have a drawstring closure, and are double stitched both in the body and in the seams, in order to withstand heavier loads like honey-crisp apples and navel oranges. They’re also Global Organic Textile Standard certified, meaning the cotton was grown and harvested without pesticides, and processed without dyes or bleaches.

A complete set. Amazon

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These cotton produce bags are durable and great for avoiding all forms of plastic pollution. The set includes three mesh bags, suitable for veggies and larger fruits, and three muslin bags, which can be filled with dry bar items like beans, lentils, and pastas. A reusable mesh shopping bag with handles rounds out the collection.

Use a smaller one to store your toiletry kit. Amazon

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Gogoda’s reusable produce bags are also BPA-free and see through, perfect for a grocery run or a trip to the farmer’s market—eliminating the use of countless plastic produce bags, over time. These bags are tear resistant and hold up to eleven pounds, making them good multipurpose storage bags for toys or kitchen items, or as toiletry bags for travel. They’re even machine washable and can be used to send small laundry items through the wash.