Experimenting in the kitchen can be a fun adventure—especially when it involves making heavenly, cheesy ravioli. If you’re in the mood for cooking up this Italian staple but have no idea where to start, these four helpful gadgets have your back. They’re straightforward, efficient, and will have you eating all the delicious ravioli in no time.

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This compact press is quick, simple, and churns out plenty of ravioli in one go. You’ll be supplied with instructions on making pasta dough, along with recipes for making the ravioli itself. Use the plastic and metal presses to form indents for fillings and create the perfect square shape. If you’re inspired, the gadget can also be used to make dumplings, stuffed cookies, and mini pies.

Create a variety of styles, from ravioli to linguine. Amazon

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It’s hard not to feel like a real chef when you’re hand cranking pasta with this sleek, steel kitchen gadget. An adjustment dial allows you to dictate the dough’s thickness and the ravioli attachment (sold separately) connects to the machine to cut, shape, and seal in the fillings. Once you get the hang of ravioli, you can explore the other machine-compatible attachments available, which make renette, linguine, lasagnette, and spaghetti.

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If you’re looking for a compact device that’ll get the job done quickly and cleanly, Kaycrown Ravioli Mold is the way to go. Simply place the dough on the stainless steel mold, add in your filling, and then press down for a perfectly cut and sealed ravioli. This one is also the perfect tool for making pierogies and dumplings.

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Lay down two sheets of dough, put your fillings in between, and then let this ravioli maker do the rest of the work. The stainless steel pasta cutter wheel will neatly slice your dough while the press stamps (available in round and square shapes) quickly and easily seal in the fillings.